Leet Privacy

In times when Privacy and Online Security have became vulnerable, it is vitally important for one to have elite methods available in order to protect those for his or her own peace of mind. Take advantage of all the 100% free resources and advice that we provide on our platform called Leet Privacy.

What Leet Privacy represents and strives to maintain is that old-school 1337 / elite type of network privacy enthusiasm brought and mixed with current trends, methods and latest techniques.

Leet, which is also referred to as "1337", eleet, or leetspeak, is a writing system that employs altered spellings, kind of a coded language and is predominantly utilized on the internet. It frequently engages in substituting characters in a manner that exploits the visual similarities of the symbols through mirroring or other resemblances. The role of leet was and is to mask the characters in traditional writing with respective numbers or special symbols for privacy and in order to have a text written in such a way that is understandable but camouflaged in terms of not being matched by algorithms and other automated systems.

Privacy Glossary