Why is my IP address location wrong?

Jeff Russell

Last updated on July 4th, 2023 at 11:17 am

It may be quite perplexing and annoying to attempt to verify the location of your IP address and discover that it is incorrect, and you might not be able to access certain websites as a result. Your IP address may be displayed incorrectly for a number of reasons. We’ll go through some of the key causes of this in this article. Let’s begin!

Using a VPN or Proxy

Use of a VPN (Virtual Private Network) or proxy is one of the primary causes of your IP address appearing in the incorrect location. By utilizing a different IP address than your own, a VPN or proxy may protect your internet connection and conceal your IP address. This is a fantastic approach to maintain your privacy and guarantee the security of your data, but it may also result in the wrong location of your IP address being shown – e.g different city or even country. This is due to the fact that your VPN or tunnel server’s IP address, not your actual IP address, is utilized. Simply disconnect from your privacy provider, and your true IP address location will reappear.

Incorrect IP address assignment

Your IP address being displayed incorrectly might also be the result of an incorrectly assigned IP address. Internet Service Providers (ISPs) are often given IP addresses, and they subsequently distribute them to their clients.

However, in rare circumstances, an inaccurate allocation may occur, causing your IP address to be shown in the wrong position. Your best course of action in this situation would be to contact your ISP for assistance.

Data from Third-Party Databases

Another reason for the discrepancy in IP address location could be the use of third-party databases by websites and IP geolocation providers. These databases hold information about the probable physical location of a range of IP addresses. Internet service providers (ISPs) provide public IP addresses, and geo-location services use various sources to pair these IP addresses to actual physical locations. However, in many cases the data in such third-party databases might not be up to date or may be for some reason wrong. For instance, if your ISP reallocates an IP address from one geographical region to another (e.g from different cities which they cover), but the third-party database is not updated, the IP lookup service may still associate your IP address with the wrong location.

Addressing MAC Address and Geolocation Issues

Furthermore, your device’s MAC address, which is a unique identifier for your network interface, can sometimes interfere with location data. Certain geolocation providers might have access to data that associates MAC addresses with physical location (country, city, longitude and latitude). If this data is incorrect or outdated, it may contribute to your IP address showing the wrong location. They might be able to address it or advise you to contact the IP geolocation company to update their information. Keeping your router’s firmware updated with the latest version can also be effective in having more accurate location data.

Geographical restrictions

Geographical limitations may also be to blame for your IP address being shown incorrectly. Some websites and services only allow users from certain areas or nations to access their material, most notably Netflix and other streaming services.

As a consequence, if the website or service attempts to identify your area or nation to impose access restrictions, it may show your IP address in the wrong location. There may not be much you can do in this situation than using a IP masking provider to get around the limitation.

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